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LQ Tipi Hızlı Değişim Su Kartuşları / Arıtma Cihazı

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  • Type : Actived Carbon
  • Use : Househeld Pre-Filtration,Under Sink

Temel Özellikler

We are your best partner for building your own brand.
Co-work with you on the most suitable water purification system for your area and support your design and manufacturing logistics.

Our core technical 
(Activated carbon, Activated carbon fiber, Ultrafiltration membrane)
Activated carbon :
Activated carbon is the front line of water purification treatment. It can filter out the taste and color of water. After adding special formula, it can also reduce heavy metals such as lead ions and chemicals such as pesticides in water.
Activated carbon fiber :
By utilizing the characteristics of the porous nature of activated carbon fibers, it can meet the commercial needs of businesses area that need to quickly obtain a large number of reliable water.
Ultrafiltration membrane :
Ultrafiltration membranes are the best filtration materials now known to not waste water, without the need for electricity and rapid access to sterile drinking water. It is absolutely necessary on equipment that must direct drink.

Why Activated carbon fibers
Activated carbon can filter out residual chlorine and odor, while the activated carbon fibers has a better adsorption effect and longer service life.
As the surface of activated carbon fibers have a large number of fine pores within the surface area, adsorption speed is very fast, is granular activated carbon, or carbon block 5~10 times.
Use ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon fiber can dechlorination and remove lead in water
Why Ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration membrane pore size only 0.1 micron, while the smallest bacteria is larger than 0.2 micron. The filter has a very high effectiveness in removing bacteria (for example, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli) and in removing protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium, Giardia).
sterile pur Direct drinking water filter use ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon fiber can removing bacteria, dechlorination and remove lead in water.
We handle.
Effectively filter Chlorine, chloramine, lead, heavy metals, pesticide compounds, bacteria

We can support.
Quick change Purifier / Cartridges :
or Your custom housing:

We support your unique water purifier/customized cartridges.

- Step1 Decide on filtering
- Step2 Select filter material
- Step3 How many cartridges

Ödeme Detayları

  • Minimum sipariş : 200

Son Güncelleme : 2019-01-19
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